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Canadian recording artist, Delilah, has a voice that has been described as "intoxicating” and a range that includes everything from sweet, slow jazz standards to dance fusion to passionate pop. She occupies a unique niche in the music world as a true Roma artist whose influences come from both old world tradition and contemporary forms.
Roma Traditions
Delilah was born in Hungary to Roma parents who instilled in her a love for traditional gypsy music. By the age of 10, she was touring Europe with an ensemble featuring famed Roma artist Bongo Margit. Another influential Roma musician, violinist Sonny Walker, often asked Delilah and her guitarist brother, Paul, to perform at his jazz gigs.
These Roma influences can be heard throughout her work, but are particularly evident on her album, Gypsy Love. This 17-song collection includes songs in Delilah's native tongue, including the gypsy anthem "Djelem, Dejelem.” Featuring authentic Roma voices and a soaring melody underscored by a contemporary backbeat, this is gypsy music like you've never heard it before! The haunting melody of "Avale La Roma” is backed by eclectic percussion and a killer guitar riff, while "Oh My Gypsy Heart” sounds like a traditional ballad with a distinctly modern edge.
Gypsy Love displays Delilah's wide range as an artist. As well as Roma-influenced tracks, the album features a couple of unique covers: "Tranema,” a completely original version of "The Girl From Ipanema,” and a seductive take on the Doors' "Light My Fire” titled "Lite My Fire.” Gypsy Love also includes tracks that showcase Delilah's sweet and lyrical side, as well as pop ballads such as "Precious Love” and "When Love Comes Knockin'.”
Jazz Standards
Delilah's voice is silky-smooth, pitch perfect and delicious. In short, she is beautifully suited for the jazz standards songbook, and she has taken up the challenge by releasing an elegant album entitled simply, Jazz.
Jazz features 11 classic songs, from "My Funny Valentine” to "Stardust” and "Cry Me a River.” It also contains a few lesser-known works such as "Them There Eyes,” "Oh Great Lord” and the Italian hit from the 1960s, "Estaté.” Delilah's amazing voice is sometimes breathy, sometimes lyrical. It winds around a stanza like a curl of cigarette smoke and trills along a scat like a bubbling brook. Every song evokes strong emotion, from love to heartbreak and yearning to delight. A standout track is the exquisite version of "Nature Boy,” the song originally made famous by Nat King Cole in 1948.
Legendary Producer
Delilah's most recent release is a single produced by the Emmy award-winning, Oscar-nominated producer, Jim Peterik. The single is called "Beats for You,” with a flipside titled "Love By Numbers.” Both songs were written by Peterik, who is famous for "Eye of the Tiger” and many other hit songs. With simmering melodies and an aura of sensuality, these tunes establish Delilah as one of the foremost pop stylists in Canada.
Peterik sums up Delilah's exquisite style, saying, "Once in a great while, you find a voice with a certain ethereal quality that speaks to the soul…As her producer, I am very grateful for the life she brought to my songs. I'm looking forward to the world discovering this great artist.”
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Delilah Beats for you
Delilah – Beats For You (single – 2012)
1. Beats For You
2. Love By Numbers
Delilah - Jazz
Delilah – Jazz (2002)
1. Cry Me A River
2. Estate
3. I Tried to Love You
4. Love Me Baby
5. My Funny Valentine
6. Nature Boy
7. Oh Great Lord
8. Precious Love (Jazz Version)
9. Stardust
10. Them There Eyes
11. When Love Comes Knockin'
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